Global Gourmet at Marky's

By Lesley Abravanel
June 16, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Anyone willing to risk potential punishment, penalties and embarrassment just to smuggle a salami into the United States a la I Love Lucy may want to take a quick ride to Marky's (get directions). At this international food emporium, Miami gourmands in the know find the finest in imported gourmet foods — from Norwegian smoked salmon and French cheeses to truffles, mushrooms and the finest collection of Iranian and Russian caviar in town.


Markys Caviar 490

From the outside, the unassuming Miami market looks, well, far from exquisite epicurean delight that it truly is. Step inside, however, and it's an entirely different story. This is the gourmand's Barneys New York, the foodie's Fred Segal. In addition to exotic, hard to find oils, pastes, and wines, you'll also find the best selection of French cheeses this side of the Savoie region.

Champagne Wishes, Caviar Realities

For a true taste of how the other half eats, Marky's is it. Confused about your caviar? Brush up on your Beluga 000 Caviar, your Osetra Imperial Golden Caviar and your Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar. Marky's requires DNA batch tests for each species of caviar to ensure its origin and quality. In addition, Marky's is the largest US importer of French Foie Gras from the Perigord area. In short, this foodie paradise is all that and a bag of (truffle) chips.