Marky's awards

Marky's received the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Product Award in 2008.

The gourmet distibutor and producer, Markys, received an overall score of 97% on their annual Avendra report, securing their status as one of the highest regarded gourmet food wholesalers in the southern United States.

Marky's is proud to announce that it received a silver NASFT Product Award for its Terroirs d'Antan French crepes at the 51st Summer Fancy Food Show.

These whole wheat crepes are imported weekly by air to ensure maximum freshness. They originate from Brittany, following an ancient traditional recipe. Terroirs d'Antan crepes are very versatile and can be wrapped around any filling.

Marky's showroom is #1 of the Miami's ten best gourmet markets!

Markets in Miami range from the super to the specialty to the silly. You are able to not just cross off items on your grocery list, but get that little something extra that you didn't even know that you needed.

Walk through the double doors and push your cart through the aisles of possibilities. Caviar, roasted pig, fresh sushi, imported cheeses, and delectable desserts will all await you when you explore our list of the ten best markets in Miami.

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