We are proud to announce the second launch of our collaboration with the iconic Aureta. With the first collaboration selling out in days, we have decided to elevate your palettes and introduce to you 3 new varieties of caviar sourced exclusively from sustainable sturgeon farms carefully chosen by the Marky’s family.

The idea behind the luxury caviar kit’s we have curated for our customers was to recreate a tasting based on Aureta’s worldwide experiences. Each Luxury kit comes with a choice of Aureta’s caviar, handmade blinis, crème fraîche, mother of pearl spoons, a gold tin opener and a travel cooler bag.


Also known as River Beluga Caviar, this caviar was originally processed by Caspian Salt Masters to ensure the finest possible salt content. The result is distinctly firm, large eggs, coated in a glossy, dark amber pearl hue with uniquely mellow, rich, and buttery notes, almost replicating that of Caspian Beluga Caviar.





Strictly produced by one of the oldest Osetra fisheries located in northern Israel, this premium caviar is harvested within high-quality habitat conditions including pure water and continuously aerated fishponds. Firm beads, medium to large in size, with hues of bright golden olive to light brown give way to a nutty flavor.


is one of the rarest and most sought after caviars in the world. Not only does it have a beautiful golden hue, but each egg is composed of traditional nutty, sweet and crisp flavors which is loved by all connoisseurs.

features distinctly firm, large eggs, coated in a glossy, dark amber pearl hue with uniquely mellow, rich and buttery notes.

contains a delicate creamy pop with a lingering earthy note, finished by a buttery/ocean- like flavor. For those who love a little complexity, the Premium Siberian Sturgeon will definitely elevate your palate.




Caviar Selection Process

Through years of tasting and grading, Aureta has become a connoisseur to the Marky’s family. The batches chosen have been specifically handpicked and graded to what Aureta believes is the best caviar in the world. Join her tasting experience and elevate your palette with all 3 varieties!




Design Elements

Aureta has always been drawn to the allure, rarity, and healing powers of gold. The turquoise color represents the calming sea while the shell symbolizes the natural elements of gold. From Aureta’s creativity and Marky’s unforgettable caviar, her tin was born.

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