Fresh White Winter Truffle (Italian) — 0.5 oz - 1.5 oz each

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Fresh White Winter Truffle (Italian)

Fresh White Winter Truffles (Whole) (Tuber Magnatum Pico), Italy. The item DOES NOT contain a truffle shaver.

The white Tuber Magnatum Pico truffle is known for its fabulous aroma that will fill your dining room with a unique earthy fragrance.

Harvest period beginning of September until end of December. Truffles are formed naturally in the ground therefore each truffle may vary slightly in size and color. Very easy to use, just shave the fresh white truffle on a risotto, eggs or pasta.

About Fresh Winter White Truffles

The white truffle seems something out of this world, literally. Gourmets like to call it “the Earth’s gold.”

What you can see is an irregularly shaped lump of the color of an old ivory statuette. Unless you knew this fungus was dug out of the ground in an Italian forest, you’d probably believe it came from a different planet. By the way, ancient Romans were sure that truffles appeared in the places where the lightning struck.

But what surprises you even more is the smell of this yellowish and brownish lump. Very quickly this smell fills your nostrils, your mouth, and your room. You can feel a mix of musk, garlic, cheese, and spices.

All you want at the moment is to put a little slice of the truffle on your tongue. Or to shave the mushroom over your pasta, risotto, pureed soup, or lobster.

You’re only one click away from bringing your wish into life! Fresh white truffles from Piedmont, Italy, are available for sale at Marky’s.

Please note that fresh white truffles are a seasonal product. They are harvested in Italy from September to early January. This is the only best period to buy them online.

How to Make an Order?

White truffles are in stock from autumn to the middle of the winter. They are available by pre-order.

It means that we’ll ship them to you as soon as they arrive to us from Italy.

Important Facts About White Truffles

  • The true white (Alba) truffle from the Piedmont region in Italy is defined as Tuber Magnatum Pico. If you buy any product claiming to contain white truffles, like truffled butter, look for this Latin name in the ingredients.
  • Alba truffles grow only in the wild and can’t be cultivated in orchards like black truffles.
  • Harvesting Alba truffles takes a well-versed hunter and one or two dogs. These dogs are trained to find truffles by their aroma.
  • You can keep white truffles in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one week. But don’t freeze them. The fungi lose their fragrance gradually. So, you’d better make use of them as soon as they arrive to you.

Price for each truffle. You are charged based on the actual product weight shipped. Actual price may vary due to the current market value. Truffles are formed naturally in the ground therefore each truffle may vary slightly in size and color.

Product Features

Quantity in stock Available by pre-order
Packaging Paper bag
Preparation Fresh
Shelf Life Refrigerated 5 days
Storage Type Only Refrigerated
Shipping Product is perishable and will be shipped via Overnight shipping
Net weight 0.5 - 1.5 oz

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