Talking about pork as a main ingredient of this dish, it can be used in pate’s different variations – terrines, rilletes, and rillons as well.


Terrine, or pâté en terrine is a delicacy with a fаirly rоugh texture, made of minced meat (often pork), poultry or fish, and baked in the oven. This dish comes from Touraine (Loire Valley region); its name corresponds to the name of a deep clay (now a cast iron) bowl with lid and handles, which used for preparation and storing meat and fish; later – for cooking pork terrine. The form for terrine is often lined with slices of bacon, then filled with minced meat and again covered with bacon; after that baked, but still served cold. Usual supplements to terrine are crunchy pickled gherkins and onion marmalade. C’est magnifique!


Rillette is traditionally made of game birds (grouse, pheasant), poultry (duck or goose), rabbit, pork (by the way, together with the ears), and even fish. It has similar texture to terrine; however, methods used for its preparation are not the same. To cook it, stew small pieces of meat in its own juice and fat with herbs and spices, then put the dish in a small pot, pour with fat so that it is thinly cover pate, and keep several weeks in a cool place to make the delicacy ready-to-eat. Rillette is especially popular in the Lоire Vаlley region of France.

One of the culinary highlights of France is rillettes du Mans; the delicacy is made of the meat of young female pigs who are fed exclusively on corn and dairy whey. Meat is typically cut into cubes and put in a pot; then it is necessary to add a little water, fat and bones (which are removed after cooking), pepper and the best Guerande sea salt. Rillettes du Mans have a color from brown to pinkish and are covered with a protective layer of fat. Soft texture makes it easy to spread the appetizer on a piece of rustic bread – unbelievably tasty combination!


Rillon is an old French dish, which name is diminutive of Old French “rille” – a piece of pork. In the homeland of this dish – in Touraine (the Loire Valley) – pork has long been considered the Queen of meat. The ancient Turoni (this way, the Romans called a Gallic tribe living on the territory of modern Touraine) stewed small pieces of pork brisket on low heat, and covered with pork fat to preserve the dish. Today Touraine even holds a rillons speed-eating contest, and current record is 1 kilogram of the delicacy in 10 minutes 50 seconds. Pretty glass jars labeled Rillons de Touraine can always be found on the shelves of Touraine stores. 


Farmers of Brittany created one more famous dish of the French cuisine – Pâté de Campagne, or country tеrrine. It is usually made of pork and оffals; other ingredients are egg whites, onion, parsley, sage and brandy; seasoned with nutmeg, salt and pepper; components to mix the dish are milk, eggs, and gelling agents. The dish is always linеd with bаcon and kept in the fridge not less than 36 hours. To serve it, go for the traditional olives, cornichons, gray rustic bread and mustard. It is time to enjoy its chunky texture and marvelous flavor!


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