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Japanese Wagyu Beef A5 Chuck Roll

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Japanese Wagyu Beef A5 Chuck Roll description:

100% Japanese (Miyachiku) Chuck Roll Wagyu A5 - 4-7.5 lb, Product of Japan

The legendary wagyu beef chuck roll, right from a Japanese farm, is for sale at Marky’s. Now, the tender Miyachiku steak, served at the best gourmet restaurants around the world, can easily end up at your dinner table, wowing your dearest and nearest.

What is Miyachiku wagyu?

Consisting of 400 farmers, the Miyachiku co-op is one of the largest manufacturers of original wagyu beef in Japan, and one of the main distributors of the premium meat to the rest of the world.

The beef produced by the Miyachiku co-op is labeled “Miyachiku wagyu.” It’s the same as “Miyazaki wagyu,” since the famous co-op is situated in the Miyazaki Prefecture (state or province) of Japan. The meat of the highest quality can also be designated as “Miyazakiyu,” the cow of Miyazaki.

The Miyachiku beef comes from the Kuroge Washu (the Japanese Black), the largest of the four original wagyu breeds. At a time, one farmer can look after four cows only. So, each animal gets enough attention, care, and feed.

What does A5 mean?

“A5” stands for the quality grade of the meat. It consists of two indicators: “A” for the yield and “5” for the quality of the steak.

The quality of the chuck roll, as well as of any other cut, is comprised of:

  • Marbling (the even, spider-webbed distribution of fat throughout the muscle)
  • Color and brightness of the meat cut
  • Texture and firmness (the steak should feel silky)
  • Color and luster of the fat

When everything’s ideal, the wagyu chuck roll gets the A5 grade, implying the highest quality possible.

What’s wagyu chuck roll and how can I serve it?

The chuck roll is one of the two major boneless subprimal components of the beef chuck primal cut. It begins as the section of meat between the shoulder blade on one side and the ribs and backbone on the other side. The butcher first bones out the shoulder blade, then removes the ribs and backbone. Finally, the meat from the lower rib area is removed and made into ground chuck. What is left, is the chuck roll. This meat is tough, making it ideal for recipes that call for ground beef, stew meat, and stir-fry meat.

Interesting fact: wagyu fat starts melting at 77°F (25°C).

Wagyu Beef Tasting at Marky's Gourmet Store

Wagyu Beef Tasting at Marky's Gourmet Store

Why is Wagyu Beef so expensive?

Miyazaki Wagyu - the most marbled Beef in the history of mankind

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