Grating, Shredded and Parmesan Cheeses

| | Parmesan And Grating Cheeses

Grating Cheeses are all aged cheeses and are also called "hard cheeses." These are basically used for grating over hot and cold dishes like pasta, pizza, risotto, salads, sauces and quite seldom consumed alone on a cheese plate.

These cheeses have very firm and hard structure that is obtained over a long period of maturing that takes from 60 days to two years and more. During this time, the cheese wheel loses more than 60% of the moisture and by virtue of the very smooth structure of the initial curd it shrinks but doesn't shrivel.

But the main feature of the grating cheeses is still the strong and pungent flavor that develops during the maturing time with the work of the bacteria, and the cheese structure with different salinity and density of the acidic amino acids crystals. Many people don't understand the complex flavor and taste, but the true connoisseurs just adore them and try new variants and combinations with different products or just enjoy traditional recipes.

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