Tobiko Wasabi, Flying Fish Roe Caviar

Visiting sushi bars and making sushi at home is one of the modern trends for healthy and wholesome food around the world. It got so much popular because most traditional Japanese dishes including the sushi, rolls, nigiri, and all other different sorts of rolls with rising are made using natural healthy ingredients, very small amount of oil and butter, and because most of the dishes are boiled or stewed and if they are roasted there is just a very small amount of oil. Alongside with the rise, fish, nori sheets, wasabi, and vegetables the next important part is the decorative Flying fish roe. In Japanese it is called Tobiko or another spelling is Tobico. So where can i buy tobiko? Is it possible only in Japan? Luckily, Tobico is available in USA too, here at Marky's.

The Flying fish roe is not only used for decoration but it also tastes great, the ideal balance of salinity, fresh sea flavor. The natural color of Flying fish roe is bright orange but mostly it is marketed in colored versions. One of them is the Wasabi Tobiko that is of bright green color. The Wasabi Flying fish roe is colored with the natural extract of the Japanese horseradish so much popular in the Japanese cuisine. This tangy and hot spice makes the Wasabi caviar tobiko look and taste great. In addition to its natural sea flavor, the Tobiko Wasabi gets a light tangy and hot flavor of Wasabi horseradish that accentuates the taste and flavor of the sushi and its ingredients very well.

Thanks to its reasonable pricing the Wasabi roe is also a great variant for an everyday meal as a part of some seafood sandwich, salad, maybe some pasta or risotto. Did you ever try Wasabi Tobiko? Try it now and you won't be disappointed!

Product Features

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Packaging Plastic Container
Preparation Fresh Frozen, Cured with Salt
Caviar Fish & Grade Flying Fish, Grade 1
Shelf Life Refrigerated 3 to 4 days
Shipping Product is perishable and will be shipped via Overnight Shipping
Ingredients Flying Fish Roes (Wild caught), mirin, Bonito extract (Dried Bonito powder, glucose, Lactose, Disodium Succinate, Disodium Inosinate, Dried kelp powder), Soy sause (water, soybeans, wheat, salt) sugar, salt, Japanece rice vinegar, sodium sorbat, FD & C Yellow #5, Blue #1

Tobiko Wasabi, Flying Fish Roe Caviar

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