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Sevruga caviar from Marky's is well known and remarkable for having the strongest and most pronounced flavor among all the sturgeon family members. It is harvested from Sevruga the trim and small member of the Sturgeon family usually farmed in Caspian Sea. Smooth and buttery flavor with a sweet ocean finish.

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Sevruga is one of the members of the Sturgeon family and one of its most abundant representatives amongst the main suppliers of the caviar in the world. This is a relatively small fish, comparing to its bigger relatives like Osetra, Beluga or Sturgeon, it may reach the length of up to 2m and weigh up to 80kgs. The Sevruga Sturgeon is a slender fish with a long and thin snout that has five small barbels near mouth like a mustache. Sevruga is not such a long-liver like Osetra, Beluga or Kaluga, its life lasts only for up to 25 years which is actually one of the main Sevruga's advantages because shorter life means also a much shorter maturation period comparing to other sturgeons and thus faster reproduction pace. The natural area of Sevruga Sturgeon are the basins of Caspian, Azov, Black, and Aegean seas including the adjacent big rivers.

Thanks to the faster reproduction and much bigger area of living, Sevruga is one of the most abundant species of the vast sturgeon family not only in the aquaculture but even still in the wild life and it supplies more than a half of all the sturgeon caviar on the international market. This also makes the Sevruga caviar the most inexpensive and wallet friendly among the elite ones. Nevertheless, the remarkably lower caviar market prices especially comparing to Beluga and Osetra by no means suggest lower quality and minor appearance of the eggs or less delicate flavor at all.

Because this species is much smaller than other sturgeons it has smaller beads. The small beads have a crunchy texture and pronounced buttery flavor. The color of the beads varies from catch to catch and from fish to fish in different shades from light gray to greenish and yellow-gray.

Our Marky's Gourmet Store is proud to offer you just a few of the Sevruga caviar variety:

Marky's Sevruga Caviar is often called the 'entry level' to the magnificent world of caviar especially for those who have never tried it before. But don't be misled by the diminutive size of the Sevruga Caviar, because as they say good things come in small packages. These small beads conceal a strong flavored and juicy content which is regarded to be much stronger than that of the other caviars. The Sevruga Caviar has a distinct buttery and smooth flavor with a sweet ocean finish. The medium-sized grains are of deep-grey color and have a crunchy texture, easily separated from each other. Another advantage of Caviar Sevruga is its much lower price comparing to other Sturgeons.

The Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar, which is one of the favorites for those striving only for the highest quality products for a reasonable price! It has a distinguished smooth and buttery flavor with long subtle aftertaste. The grains are small with a pearlescent envelope that conceals the pale-grey juicy contents of the fish egg.

For those who like sets and good prices we are representing our very interesting offer of the Marky's Sevruga Caviar accompanied by fresh French Blini Mini Size (a pack of 16 pcs.) and incredibly tender and delicate Crème Fraîche (7-8 oz.) to make a perfect match for a great family dinner or a small cocktail-party.

Marky's Gourmet store is happy to offer you the best Sevruga caviar price.

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