Caviar Guide by Marky's

Being your trusted supplier of the highest grade Caviar, we are proud to offer you an extensive choice of appropriate Caviar accoutrements to make your pleasure of indulging the best product complete!

True connoisseurs and gourmets definitely know that spending money on caviar without special serving tools is like throwing them to the winds because any cutlery made of ordinary food grade metal will ruin its original taste and flavor. And it is not just some preconception or a tradition but a scientifically confirmed fact! Our choice of accoutrements de la table is both wide and sufficient.

Caviar Server Sets

The elegant, practical, and very convenient Silver Plated Caviar and Vodka Server will become an eye-catching element at any party, especially for those who know how to use it correctly. Being the source of gastronomical pleasures including caviar and ice-cold vodka, this server is a perfect possibility to serve your guests in a royal way. The caviar and vodka server is made of silver plated metal with a bowl for crushed ice that keeps the temperature in the caviar glass at an optimal level during the entirety of the dinner or party. The ice is also intended to cool down the vodka in specially formed shots that are placed into the slots of the ice bowl cover. As many connoisseurs believe, vodka is intended to chase the caviar as vodka should clean the palate for the next serving of caviar. Just in case of any accidents, we also have replacement vodka shots and caviar glasses too.

If you like enjoying this delicacy on your own or in a small circle of close friends you may also like our handmade Glass Caviar Server. This small but very nice and convenient accessory consists of a glass ice bowl and a caviar glass. Simple yet elegant forms will suit any kind of the table decoration and will look perfect in any environment.

Another option for smaller companies or a family dinner is ourPetit Silver Plated Caviar Server. It has a bowl for crushed ice and a place for a 4" caviar tin of 1-4 oz of caviar. The classical, rich design with an opening top always makes a great impression.

Mother of Pearl Cutlery and Plate

There are dozens ways to eat the caviar — on top of miniature blinis with a dollop of Crème Fraîche, on crackers, on quail eggs and canapes, some purists even prefer eating it from the thumb web and so on, but the only correct way to take it out of the tin can, a glass jar or the server is to use the mother of pearl caviar spoon. Small caviar spoons, forks and knives hand carved from the tropical mother of pearl do not change the flavor and taste of the precious product and are make for very stylish and convenient utensils for serving other delicate gourmet products. If combined with the plate also made of mother of pearl, they create a perfect caviar serving set. Mother of pearl caviar sets consisting of a mother of pearl spoon, a fork, a knife, and a plate in any combination is also a great gift idea for a gourmet lover that can be packed in a special silk box.

Caviar is a very temperature sensitive product and requires stable conditions all the way from the shop to your refrigerator, to your table, and especially to your picnic site if you decide to indulge in it outdoors. To keep your valuable delicacy fresh and flavorful we are offering you our stylish and very convenient Marky’s Soft-Sided Collapsible Cooler Bags in two sizes. Apart from preserving the delicacies, they will also keep your drinks cool!