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Meats serve as a valuable cultural tie throughout societies around the world. The French invented pate de foie gras, a type of mousse made from fatty goose or duck liver. Spain is known for its jamon Iberico, or Iberian ham- a rich and flavorful cured leg of Iberico pork. While Italian prosciutto, a thinly-sliced and dry-cured pork, is a national staple, it still varies depending on the country’s region. In fact, Italian charcuterie is very versatile with its cold cuts and deli meats, like salami, pepperoni, and smoked ham. Moreover, different cultures have their own sausage that range in meat, like pork sausage or lamb sausage, and flavor, like blood sausage or garlic sausage. For example, Spain and Mexico introduced the spicy chorizo sausage. The United States, Australia, and Argentina are all famous for their steaks, so get inspired and grill up a wagyu beef, lamb rack, or angus beef. Markys international selection of gourmet meats, pate, poultry, and charcuterie encourages you to taste the flavors of the world!

From jamón, prosciutto, mortadella, pancetta, salami, chorizo, and salchichón, to sausage, chicken, steak, and pâté – this wide choice of gourmet specialties is offered at Marky’s. In order for you to make the right selection, let us familiarize you with the most popular types of charcuterie, deli meat, meat, poultry and pâté.


Despite this dry-cured sausage having an Italian name, it is prepared in many countries around the world. However, in order to be considered Salami, the product must contain specific spices, have certain proportions of meat and fat, and be prepared and mixed in a unique way. High-quality Salami should have a rich, appetizing smell and dense texture. The white coating on Salami is a sign of maturation in appropriate conditions. The taste of salami is best enjoyed on its own, commonly used as an appetizer or snack.


The most traditional dry-cured, Spanish sausage. Chorizo meat is made of a white pork species and pork lard. The mixture is then generously seasoned with salt, herbs, and red pepper, which gives this spicy sausage its characteristic color and taste. Moreover, Chorizo Ibérico-regarded as one of the best types of deli meat- is made from the valuable Iberian black pigs. While Chorizo sausage tastes great when served separately, it is also the perfect addition to a sandwich, snack to beer and wine, or as an ingredient in hot meals, such as Paella, soup, or pasta.


Jamon is one of the most popular Spanish delicacies made from hind pork legs. Jamon Iberico, or Iberian ham, is a special variety of jamon made exclusively from Iberico pork. High quality jamon is rich and well-marbled, leaving a juicy and savory taste. Jamon is a true delicacy and an integral part of Spanish culture. Jamon can either be eaten separately or together with other gourmet foods.


Prosciutto is a thinly-sliced Italian deli meat often considered the analog of Spanish jamon. However, the main difference between these gourmet meats is their curing time: Italian prosciutto is salted and then left to dry-age anywhere from 14 to 36 months. While the breed of pigs, their feeding, and climate may vary, prosciutto is considered softer and more moist than jamon. The most famous prosciutto comes from the Parma region and is known as Prosciutto di Parma, or Parma ham. There are two kinds of Prosciutto–Prosciutto Crudo and Prosciutto Cotto. Prosciutto Crudo is raw ham, which is seasoned and dry-aged. On the other hand, Prosciutto Cotto is cooked and only then salted and dried. Prosciutto is excellently served on their own or in a sandwich, charcuterie board, or even traditionally paired with melon.

Meat and Poultry

At Markys, we have an excellent range of meats for you to choose from. You can find different cuts of steak for sale from angus beef, lamb, veal, and pork. Luckily, you can also buy wagyu beef, which is the well-known Japanese beef loved by gourmet lovers. As for poultry, Markys provides chicken,quail, duck, and guinea fowl. From truffle burgers to duck confit, meat is an incredibly versatile product to get creative with in the kitchen.