Italian Gourmet

Acquaintance with Italian cuisine can be a landmark in your destiny. Stunning combinations of seemingly simple foods will take the Italian gourmet to the sea coast. Italy is considered a synonym for tasty food. And this is more than true!

Italian food is known and loved all over the world. For Italians, it is not just an important component of daily life, it is part of the culture of the nation. And if you are a true connoisseur of Italian gourmet food, you should definitely appreciate the assortment of fresh, tasty and sun-kissed products that have come a long way to delight your taste buds.

Pasta and Grains

The strength of Italian cuisine is in its diversity. And there is simply no limit to the variety of pasta! Each region has its own distinctive gastronomic features and is ready to show off its pasta. This product is the soul of the country, a vivid and lively insight into characteristics of culture and traditions. That's why our gourmet Italian food choice consists of some kinds of pasta, which you definitely need to get acquainted with.

For example, golden strands of Tajarin from famous Piedmont region goes well with meat sauce and mushrooms. In our Italian gourmet deli, you can find this product even with the addition of squid ink. It will certainly amaze your guests and become a sure feature of serving up a dish thanks to the play of colors. Simply add a bright light sauce to it and enjoy the incomparable taste and the effect produced.

What about absolutely amazing farfalle, as exquisite as butterflies? The best accompaniment to them will be a fragrant vegetable or fish sauce, a sauce based on milk or butter. You can also just add them to the salad and feel like a real Italian gourmet!

Perhaps you prefer Tuscan pasta? Thanks to the slow drying method, this product retains its original wheat flavor and allows it to be cooked in the best possible way.

Italian gourmets and fans of risotto and arancini will appreciate the stunning Arborio rice and will not pass by the embodiment of the highest quality and traditional taste – the Carnaroli Aquarello organic rice. This rice has an incredibly velvety starchy texture, which allows it to keep its shape during prolonged cooking.

Pasta cannot be imagined without sauce. That is why our Italian gourmet deli offers a whole range of sauces for all tastes from a wide variety of ingredients. Here, you will find a gentle sauce based on black truffles with the addition of mushrooms, tomatoes or artichokes; famous pesto with a bright and recognizable taste in several interpretations – classic, tomato and even walnut; a fragrant sauce with garlic and chili peppers. Choose the heart of pasta to your liking.


Cheeses are an integral part of traditional cuisine. Their range is truly diverse, and we are ready to offer you a small cheese trip.

Our store honors tradition and opens a hit parade with legendary Parmigiano Reggiano. This cheese with a pleasant sweetish flavor and spicy aroma with nutty notes is used both independently and as a necessary ingredient of many Italian dishes – pasta, pizza, soups, and salads.

Famous Gorgonzola will delight you with its amazing spicy taste. Do not forget about Mozzarella, a snow-white, viscous and soft cheese made of buffalo milk, the main ingredient of the traditional caprese salad. Soft sweetish mascarpone, fresh ricotta, fragrant pecorino and many others combined with fruits, nuts and gorgeous olives of impeccable quality and taste – your Italian gourmet fantasies will be satisfied to the fullest.

Meat Delights

Italy was a world leader in the technology of preserving meat as early as the Roman Empire. Sausage products occupy a place of honor among Italians.

Therefore, you simply cannot pass by flavors of prosciutto, which we offer both in the form of whole ham and in the finest slices. It will cause fantastic images of long tastings with wine and melons. The smell of mortadella from Bologna will make you immerse into even deeper reflections, and salami will be the final chord of your meat symphony of taste. And you can buy all this here, in our Italian gourmet deli.

Gourmet Italian Desserts

One of the most famous types of local baking is the panforte. This is a truly legendary dish based on candied fruits and dried figs using fragrant honey instead of sugar. Marky’s offers you several types of magnificent Piedmont honey. Flower, chestnut or truffle one – the choice is yours, but, in any case, your idea of honey will change forever.

We’ve all heard about the panettone, the gentle and airy tiramisu, the soft and creamy panna cotta. Crispy biscotti have also found their admirers and have become one of the most famous accompaniments to tea and coffee. Gourmet Italian desserts are an explosion of fantasy, taste and mood. This is one of those things you cannot refuse.

Italian Gourmet Foods Online

We offer you gourmet Italian gift baskets with amazing and exquisite condiments, which will evoke enthusiasm of a true Italian food gourmet. Do your trip to Italy without leaving home with Marky’s!