French Gourmet

France is not only architecture and art, but also a real gastronomic extravaganza. French gourmet food is legendary products that set the highest standards for new gastronomic trends around the world from year to year. On our website you can find everything that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding French gourmet.


If you still do not know what macaron is (which is very unlikely), then you are only on the cusp of this sweet acquaintance with one of the most fantastic delights of French gourmet bakery. It will turn your life around completely. This magic, melting, and incredibly light French dessert resembles a cloud. You can compose epithets forever.

Two round cookies, attached to each other with cream, cease to be just one of the gourmet French desserts “at first taste”. This is a kind of culinary language, with the help of which you can express everything. For example, by purchasing a gift box of 12 macarons on our website, you can easily and gracefully congratulate your relatives on any holiday, thank a friend for help, or even declare your feelings. The perfect accompaniment for tea or coffee, these cookies can also become the main star of your dessert table.

You also have the opportunity to purchase frozen macarons, which do not lose their properties. After defrosting, they regain all their qualities for which they are adored all over the world.

Exquisite Foie Gras

The famous French foie gras is a recognized delicacy, distinguished by its fantastic taste and delicate consistency. A specially cooked liver of a well-fed goose or duck is considered a mark of national pride. It's worth trying it at least once and you will be amazed by such incredible creamy taste. This French gourmet food is a symbol of culinary chic and luxury.

Our shop offers you to appreciate the part of the gastronomic soul of France without long journeys. Foie gras in the form of a terrine or torchon, whole or sliced, raw, semi-prepared or fully-cooked one – the choice is yours. Just a couple of clicks and this delicacy will decorate your table very soon.

As you see, the choice is huge. You only need to make an order and get a real gastronomic pleasure in the shortest time possible. Only deep freezing is used for products, which allows preserving all their properties and qualities. The storage conditions meet the highest standards.

Fruit Purees, Jellies and Ready-Made Gourmet French Desserts

Carefully collected delicious and natural fruit from around the world are transformed into a puree, which is frozen and waiting for the moment when, finally, the time of its use will come. Use it to create your own desserts, delicious cocktails and smoothies. You can also form the layers of mousse desserts and cook creams, fillings and confitures.

Pay attention to jellies and marmalades – the jars with magical mass that have preserved the whole taste and aroma of juicy summer fruit and berries. Mouth-watering odors and a spectrum of sweet tastes with a touch of sourness or astringency will be a godsend for breakfast of a French gourmet food lover.

If you want to enjoy culinary delights here and now with no waiting, then we have something special for you: the gourmet French desserts in ready-made form. You only need to unfreeze them, and they are ready to be served: delicious crepes cooked according to the original recipe, chocolate, apple and berry tartlets, lemon tart, panna cotta, and even incomparable, truly royal Opera cake – the legend of French gourmet bakery and the bliss of taste buds.

French Gourmet Food Online

But do not focus only on desserts. Our store offers a huge assortment of other French gourmet food: many kinds of French cheeses – from classic soft Brie to fragrant Mimolette, incredible white and black truffles and truffle oil, escargots, olives, velvet chestnuts, various spices, including the famous French mustard and the glorious fleur de sel in a beautiful linen sack.

We hope you will find here everything that you are looking for.