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Marcona Almond Nougat 5.25 oz.

SKU: 180029
Marcona Almond Nougat 5.25 oz.

Marcona Almond Nougat 5.25 oz.

SKU: 180029
Turron Duro de Almendra Marcona - 5.2 oz/150 gr by Mitica, Spain.

Ingredients: marcona almonds (65%), honey, sugar, egg white & water.

Keep in a cool dry place & away from strong odors

This almond nougat is made entirely from Marcona almonds in the old fashioned tradition of “a la piedra” or on the stone. What makes them stand out is their stellar flavor without being overly sweet. The “Duro” is not too hard so there is no danger of breaking a tooth. The only danger is in stopping yourself from eating the whole bar in one sitting.

SKU: 180029
Origin: Spain
Packaging: Wrap
Storing: Cool & Dry
Brand: Mitica