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Italian Fennel Pollen 7 oz.

SKU: 210018
Italian Fennel Pollen 7 oz.

Italian Fennel Pollen 7 oz.

SKU: 210018
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Fennel Pollen - 7 oz/200 gr by Antico Drogheria Francioni, Italy.

Fiore di Finocchio - Harvested carefully by hand, the flowers are placed in cloth bags to prevent moisture from collecting on the pollen and creating mold. After harvesting the fennel flowers laden with pollen are spread on wide wooden boards. The boards are then laid beneath protective covering with plenty of dry arid breeze to surround the pollen.

This method of drying ensures that the essential oils in the pollen do not dissipate. After drying for approximately 10 days the fennel is tested for moisture. The fennel pollen should slightly spring back when pressed lightly. At this stage it is not completely dry. The pollen is sifted to extract little leaves and twigs and then packed in large clean cotton bags to finish the drying process. When completely dry the pollen should have a heady aroma of anise, golden-green color and crisp texture. To preserve the essence of the fennel pollen it is packed into an airtight bag.

Fennel pollen has been a treasured ingredient in Tuscany for centuries. Its bright clean anise flavor gives life to the classic Tuscan fresh pork sausage, the Finocchiona, named after this delightful herb. Fennel pollen and pork are a perfect palette combination: thick cut pork chops showered with Ittica d’Or sea salt and fennel pollen. The pollen also makes the perfect delicate condiment for poached fish, such as sushi grade tuna, rolled in fennel pollen, seared and paired with a parsley salad.

SKU: 210018
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Origin: Italy
Packaging: Plastic Bag
Storing: Cool & Dry
Brand: Antico Drogheria Francioni