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French Almond Oil 8.5 oz.

SKU: 090136
French Almond Oil 8.5 oz.

French Almond Oil 8.5 oz.

SKU: 090136
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Pure Almond Oil - Huile D'Amande - 8.5 oz/250 ml by Vivier, France.

100% Pure Almond Oil. A very fine quality unrefined oil, first-pressed from raw almonds. This oil's rich golden color is the result of careful pressing which preserves the natural vitamins A and E.

The typical flavor of this gourmet oil enhances the taste of bakeries, salad dressing and fish with an almond aroma. Used by the best chefs and restaurants in France. A lovely change of pace from olive oil.

It has a high smoke point and is good for sauteing and stir-frying. As it imparts no flavor, it can be used for oiling a cake pan or mold.

Once opened, all nut oils should be kept in a cool place out of the light or refrigerated to prevent them from becoming rancid. Also, resist the urge to stock up on large quantities of nut oils as they become rancid more quickly than other vegetable oils.

Common Uses: salad dressings, ingredient for sauces, desserts, nutritional supplement.

SKU: 090136
Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Origin: France
Packaging: Bottle
Storing: 2 Years, Room Temperature
Brand: Vivier