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French Sweet Petits Fours Emotion 58 pcs.

SKU: 073201
French Sweet Petits Fours Emotion 58 pcs.

French Sweet Petits Fours Emotion 58 pcs.

SKU: 073201
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Mini Cakes, Previously Frozen - 58 pcs. 27.9 oz/793 gr by Pata Choux, France.

Petit Fours are not only delicious and refined mini desserts, they are also genuine creations. Their original presentation is a genuine delight for the eyes... . But also for the finest palate!

It offers you a selection of traditional mini pastries, made up with the most famous French recipes.

Discover the delicate flavor of the lemon cream on top of a delicious short crust pastry, the richness of the chocolate or the strength of the coffee in the wonderful choux pastry, without forgetting the famous Opera cake, this superb combination of jocund biscuit, coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache. What a delight!

Be tempted by the perfect combination of chocolate soft almond pastry decorated with a Venezuela ganache and topped with a chocolate disk, or by the delicate union of a delicious pistachio mousse and a Cherryssime cherry over an all butter crust pastry, dusted with pistachio powder from Iran! Bon Apptit!

7 Chocolate Tartlets, 7 Choux Praline, 7 Pistachio Squares, 7 Tangerine Tartlets, 5 Chocolate clairs, 4 Coffee clairs, 7 Raspberry Tartlets, 7 Opera Squares, 7 Lemon Tartlets

Remove the product form its packaging before thawing

Leave to defrost for 5 hours at 32 F 39.2 F

Best before date after thawing: 24 hours at 39.2 F

Do not refreeze at thawed product

To keep at -0.4 F

SKU: 073201
Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Origin: France
Packaging: Vinyl Pack
Preparation: Previously Frozen
Brand: Pata Choux
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight