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Marky's :: Butter and Creme Fraiche :: Fromage Frais :: French Fromage Frais 0% 7 oz.

French Fromage Frais 0% 7 oz.

SKU: 121539
French Fromage Frais 0% 7 oz.

French Fromage Frais 0% 7 oz.

SKU: 121539
Fromage Frais 0% - 7 oz/200 gr by Isigny, France.

Creme Fraiche is a thickened cream with a slightly tangy, nutty flavor and velvety, rich texture. This French specialty is traditionally made with unpasteurized cream.

This rich treat is perfect for thickening sauces and soups because it can be boiled without curdling. It is also delicious spooned over fresh fruit desserts. We especially like it served with our smoked salmon or with caviar. Just a dollop atop a piece of cocktail bread with a slice of smoked salmon lifts the experience to a whole new level. Its creamy tang is the perfect compliment to a tender, smoky bite of salmon. Creme fraiche is the traditional accompaniment to caviar, and smooths out the saltiness of the eggs. The cream has a shelf life of approximately 20 days.

Serving Suggestions: Serve Creme Fraiche with caviar. A small dollop with a spoonful of caviar is the ultimate decadence. Serve Creme Fraiche with smoked salmon and capers. Creme Fraiche with fresh fruit and berries is a simple but delicious summer dessert. Replace whipped cream with Creme Fraiche laced with a small amount of sugar when serving shortcake. Serve fruit crisps and cobblers, warm, with a dollop of Creme Fraiche and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Top a slice of dark chocolate cake with sweetened Creme Fraiche and fresh raspberries. Replace sour cream in your chocolate cake recipe with Creme Fraiche. Replace sour cream in any recipe, even on your baked potato.

SKU: 121539
Origin: France
Shelf Life Refrigerated: 1 Month
Brand: Isigny
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight