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Micro Greens - Salty Fingers 4 oz

SKU: 801262
Micro Greens - Salty Fingers 4 oz

Micro Greens - Salty Fingers 4 oz

SKU: 801262
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Micro Greens - Salty Fingers 4 oz

Origin: Asia and America

Flavor: crispy, salty, slightly bitter

Use: crustaceans, fish, scallops

Availability: all year round

Shelf Life: up to 7 days at 36-39°F

Introduction: Salty Fingers is a plant growing along the coasts of tropical America and Asia. It is very salt tolerant, and surprisingly nutritious. It contains proteins, carbohydrates and oil. A number of species was therefore eaten as a vegetable by the local population. Salty Fingers is a decorative, but tasty ingredient. The crunchy texture and salty, slightly bitter taste are a valuable addition to the salty products. Especially with fish, but also with crustaceans or scallops, Salty Fingers is a surprising flavorful ingredient.

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SKU: 801262
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