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Micro Greens - Borage Cress 16 cups

SKU: 801234
Micro Greens - Borage Cress 16 cups

Micro Greens - Borage Cress 16 cups

SKU: 801234
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Micro Greens - Borage Cress 16 cups

Origin: Middle East

Flavor: cucumber, oyster, Saltish

Use: crustaceans, fish, high tea sandwiches, in cream cheese, in yogurt, scallops, steamed mussels

Availability: all year round

Shelf Life: between 36 - 39°F

Introduction: Borage is native to Mediterranean areas and spread in Central Europe by the Romans. Early settlers took it to North America where it now grows wild. Borage has been considered a mood-enhancer and is associated with inspiring courage. It has some characteristics that are not well known. The name originates from the Arabic word ‘Abu Rache’, ‘Abu’ means father and ‘Rache’ means sweating. When eating Borage Cress, it becomes obvious why the common name is ‘cucumber herb’. This product has a fresh taste; the leaf is soft and crispy. Some people even say that they can taste the flavour of a fresh oyster in Borage Cress.

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SKU: 801234
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