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Jose Andres Cockles 5.3 oz

SKU: 061504
Jose Andres Cockles 5.3 oz

Jose Andres Cockles 5.3 oz

SKU: 061504
Cockles - 5.3 oz/150 gr by Jose Andres, Spain.

Fished using traditional methods from amongst the Galician Rias - one of the richest deposits of phytoplankton in the world according the FAO (United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture). These rich natural conditions result in a final product filled with healthy benefits, and incomparable flavors and textures.

Never frozen, as soon as they arrive at the Peperetes canning facility, each catch is meticulously rinsed in saltwater pools to clean away sand and impurities. Hand cleaned by true canning artisans, each small batch is gently cooked to remove bacteria. Only the best are selected to be carefully packed using traditional methods to preserve the fresh flavors and textures. To compliment such authentic flavors, each of the sauces used are 100% homemade according to Peperetes family recipes.

Ingredients: Cockles (shellfish), water and salt

SKU: 061504
Origin: Spain
Packaging: Tin
Storing: Cool & Dry
Brand: Jose Andres