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Dried Banana 1.23 oz.

SKU: 181210
Dried Banana 1.23 oz.

Dried Banana 1.23 oz.

SKU: 181210
100% Natural Banana - 1.23 oz/35 gr by The Healthy Snack, Colombia.

Gluten & Nut Allergen Free
No Sugar Added
No Additives
Soy Free

Made in Columbia, 4” x 7” resealable foil bag.

This is a natural and delicious any-time-of-the-day snack and the perfect choice for your sweet cravings. Enjoy them with cereals, yogurt, as toppings or even for baking.

The Healthy Snack is produced and manufactured by female hands of household in Armenia, Colombia, whom handle the entire process from harvesting to selection, classification, drying and packing. They take great care to ensure the quality, freshness and natural taste of the fruits.

SKU: 181210
Origin: Colombia
Packaging: Resealable Foil Bag
Shelf Life Refrigerated: 30 days after opened
Brand: The Healthy Snack