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Due to its exceptional taste, sturgeon has long been considered an exquisite fish. A real delicacy with dense and tender meat, it was a regular star of nobles’ tables.

Today, sturgeon fish is one of the most valuable and delicious foods in the world. A separate culinary treasure, of course, is sturgeon caviar. However, its meat is also a very refined product.

It is quite an interesting fact that sturgeon is called red fish, while its meat is white. This inconsistency is a legacy of the past when the word "red" meant "beautiful" in Russian.

It looks like in the late 18th century the river of history decided to change its flow abruptly and shape a brand-new landscape of the world.

About a week ago we commemorated the bold step of our Founding Fathers. Hope you were enjoying the celebration of the 242nd anniversary of independence of the United States and having a great time together with your dearest and nearest.

Health is our most valuable wealth. And healthy food is the basis of any healthy life. On this day we want to make a healthy gourmet products overview at Marky's Gourmet Blog.

70 years ago, in 1948, the United Nations decided to attach international significance to that good old saying by initiating the formation of the World Health Organization (or WHO). It was officially established in Geneva, Switzerland, on April 7. The same day 61 countries signed the constitution of WHO, setting the main priorities and goals of its performance.

Do you also find it hard to believe that the winter is over, and that the spring is coming?

Hopefully, once we all will get used to such rapid pace of time. We’ll certainly have to, as it doesn’t look like it will ever slow down. Yet the good news is that we aren’t helpless before it – we are armed with numerous tips on time management. (Many thanks to the authors of all those bestsellers and blogs.)

Now their recommendations can help us plan our job, study or even travel. They are quite universal and prove to be really effective. But they don’t consider one very important issue – our everyday diet.

European cuisine review

Have you ever wondered what the difference of European cuisine from the culinary traditions of other nations? After all, in fact European cuisine is a collective term, as Europe is inhabited by many nations, each of which has its own cultural heritage and taste preferences. In addition, different climatic conditions are formed in each of the countries a unique set of products produced by agriculture.

But there are commonalities among the national dishes of European states, be it France, Spain or Croatia. Let's take a closer look.

Fall… Somehow it makes all of us become poets. At least for a few probably the most beautiful months of the year. But the more we think about this season and the longer we enjoy its marvelous colors and smell its inimitable aromas, the better we realize that there’ll never be enough words to say how we really feel about it.

What can make you think of French cuisine? Is it a good old French comedy you watched on Friday night? Is it your favorite French song by Edith Piaf or Charles Aznavour? No doubt, you have a very original taste, in every sense of this word, if you do like something particular from French cinema or music.

Marky’s Caviar, a leading distributor in the caviar and gourmet food industry, is proud to announce its annual participation in the Summer Fancy Food Show, the largest gourmet food exhibition in North America.

Of course, one day a year is not enough to thank our moms for everything they did and continue doing for us. One day a year is not enough to express our love and appreciation to the best of our ability. Still, the second Sunday of May brings us another reason to spend our time with our dear moms and grannies, and to remember how happy we are to have them in our lives.

Do you advocate healthy lifestyle and right nutrition? Does it matter for you what you as well as your nearest and dearest eat every day? Would you like to learn more about balanced diet and how to stick to it? If your answer is yes, then the spring of 2017 is going to provide you with a great opportunity to become a smarter and healthier eater! Marky’s Gourmet Online Store is happy to join the National Nutrition Month campaign and treat all customers with high-quality and nutritious foods. Let’s see how our rich assortment can help you build a healthy and delicious menu!

What is so special about cheese referred to as fresh.

You can also find the term “unripened cheese”, which actually refers to the same product. Fresh cheese is never left to age or ripen. Right after milk curdles as a result of enzyme activity, the whey is drained off and the curdles are molded into what will be a cheese. The evolved natural flavor of the cheese is ready to eat by itself or compliment any dish you might imagine such as an appetizer, main dish or desert.