• Flavorful and Tasteful Thanksgiving Recipes for the Hearty Family Dinner

    Somehow, Thanksgiving makes us reminisce about the time we enjoyed with family and friends, and about past things we are sincerely thankful for now.

    Therein is the magic of this holiday. It brings our dearest and nearest together into the kitchen and around the table. Then, while we are enjoying warm foods, old jokes, and the Macy’s parade or the NFL game, this magic unobtrusively takes us all back to the moments when we were happy.

    Or it’s not magic, but just the last slice of flavorful turkey and a glass of good wine.

  • Fresh Ideas Of Thanksgiving: 4 Surprising Recipes For Festive Menu

    We all love Thanksgiving Day for the appetizing meal and an abundance of traditional dishes. Every year we celebrate this holiday, eating turkey, buttery mashed potatoes and green bean casserole before finishing with the pumpkin pie. Marky's offers you add a diversity to the menu and cook something traditionally delicious but definitely unusual. We have collected for you few fresh ideas for a celebratory banquet.

  • Whole roasted turkey with foie gras and black truffle stuffing


    Marinated Foie Gras:

    1 lb. Hudson Valley Grade-A foie-gras slices or pieces 

    1 1/2 tsp. Maldon Salt

  • Free-Range Turkey with Foie Gras Stuffing

    thanksgiving free-range turkey with foie gras stuffing

    A lovely way to add some decadence to your free-range turkey with foie gras stuffing