• Columbus Day: 5 Unusual Foods You Should Explore

    Columbus Day is coming on second Monday of the month, October 14. It means that the whole country officially celebrates the Columbus Day, when Americans have an opportunity to spread the patriotism all over the continent. America truly shares a bond with the name of Columbus, for this reason let's remeber some interesting Columbus Day facts, as well as of honorable sailor himself.

  • Banquet Star: Fresh Fish

    Due to its exceptional taste, sturgeon has long been considered an exquisite fish. A real delicacy with dense and tender meat, it was a regular star of nobles’ tables.

    Today, sturgeon fish is one of the most valuable and delicious foods in the world. A separate culinary treasure, of course, is sturgeon caviar. However, its meat is also a very refined product.

    It is quite an interesting fact that sturgeon is called red fish, while its meat is white. This inconsistency is a legacy of the past when the word "red" meant "beautiful" in Russian.

  • Marky’s Spring Collection of Easter Dinner Recipes

    Before we begin, let’s check what astronomy has to tell us this year. With the latest advances in space research and rocketry, it’s almost impossible to miss what’s happening high up above our heads.

    History tells us that in the 4th century AD, it was established that Easter Sunday had to fall on or immediately follow the full moon right after the March Equinox. Additionally, the date of the holiday must be taken as the 14th day of the lunar month, the time period between two new moons. History also tells us that the beginning of spring is marked by day and night on Earth being equal length.

  • Independence Day Ideas and Recipes

    Can you remember these words? “Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land praise the power that hath made and preserved us as nation!” Right, these lines are taken from “The Star-Spangled Banner”, from the last verse, to be precise.

  • National Nutrition Month – March 2017

    Do you advocate healthy lifestyle and right nutrition? Does it matter for you what you as well as your nearest and dearest eat every day? Would you like to learn more about balanced diet and how to stick to it? If your answer is yes, then the spring of 2017 is going to provide you with a great opportunity to become a smarter and healthier eater! Marky’s Gourmet Online Store is happy to join the National Nutrition Month campaign and treat all customers with high-quality and nutritious foods. Let’s see how our rich assortment can help you build a healthy and delicious menu!

  • Pumpkin Lovers’ Menu

    Cheer up! It is October 2016, and again Halloween is coming with all its mysteries and magic. Noiseless, they will creep into our homes. The goldish glow of jack-o’-lanterns will light our rooms, and the cool October air will bring the delectable smell of a home-baked pumpkin pie.

    Indeed, today it is completely impossible to imagine this fall holiday without its, probably, the brightest and most symbolic attribute. Pumpkins of all sizes and diverse colors are known to successfully serve both as quite a multifaceted festive home decoration and a multifunctional cooking ingredient.

    So let us see how this wonderful fruit has appeared in Halloween traditional celebrations.

  • The Most Festive Ideas for Your Best 4th of July Menu

    That was the day when in the great book of the world’s history a new page was opened, and a new chapter was begun! It proclaimed the “self-evident truths” that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. These lines refer to, probably, the most important and marvelous document in the American history – the Declaration of Independence, written largely by Thomas Jefferson and signed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America on July 4, 1776, that is to say, exactly 240 years ago.

  • Proscuitto, Mozzarella and Melon skewers

    Summer picnic recipe: fresh, healthy and incredibly tasty!

    When salty prosciutto meets sweet melon, it's a match made in appetizer heaven.

  • Sardines and Tuna: some simple and healthy recipes

    Sardines and tuna are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It full of vitamin D and omega-3 fats, it doesn't contain toxins and gives you various delicious dishes to make. The rich, distincttaste and texture of tunaand sardines is central to manyinspired recipes.Marky's offersyou not only high quality sardines and tuna for the best prices, but also some amazingly tasty ways to to cook it.

  • Golden Parmesan Crisps with Balmy Thyme

    If you are bored with all traditional ways of serving cheese, why not try something new, original and undoubtedly delicious? Then what about Parmesan crisps? The delicate golden savory cheese and thyme crisps are a fine company to various sauces and soups, as well as a nice appetizer on their own.

  • Foie Gras Mousse with a cinnamon-ginger syrup

    Foie Gras Mousse with a cinnamon-ginger syrup is a great combination of an unbelievably creamy taste of the mousse, soft spongy texture of gingerbread, which is used to line ramekins, and scrumptious sauce. Cook using Marky’s duck liver foie gras to make the best mousse ever. See the directions.

  • Duck rillettes

    Meet the true culinary treasure of French cuisine – Duck rillettes – a super delicious spread for a toasted baguette. We recommend you to cook plenty of rillettes, place the product in the glass jars or ceramic pots, redistribute fat over rillettes and cover with plastic wrap, put in a cool place for a couple of weeks. Serve as a cold appetizer with lightly toasted rustic bread, pre-warmed to room temperature.  

  • Valentine's Day ideas and recipes: no rush and bustle

    You can easily avoid the rush on Valentine's Day and surprise your beloved with a special surprises throughout this romantic day. It's not only the restaurant dinner, by the way, which can also be done by yourself, but also the whole day full of love and care. You can start it with delicious breakfast in bed for you soulmate, than create some extraordinary appetizers, spend your evening with romantic homemade dinner and finish it with festive dessert.

    Marky's gourmet blog has prepared some Valentine's Day ideas and recipes for you and your sweetheart. Enjoy!

  • Perfect smoked salmon appetizer

    The classic hors d’oeuvres of smoked salmon topped with caviar and crème fraîche often travels via potato latke, galette, or sliced fingerling. So why not a potato skin? These briny bites are fancy enough for a dinner party yet humble enough for a casual get-together. For brunch, fill them with scrambled eggs first, then top with the goodies.

  • Very scary menu: top 5 terribly delicious recipes for Halloween

    Imagine that there are bloodied body parts, various worms, spiders, skeletons and other horrors appear on your table instead of the usual dinner dishes. What you will feel, if at the bottom of the glass suddenly appears someone's eye? "I will not eat it!"- you probably say.

  • Pasta with Smoked Salmon

    This elegant pasta has only a few ingredients, but together they make an incredibly satisfying supper. The dish requires nothing more than a big green salad as accompaniment. If you want to truly gild the lily, spoon fat pearls of salmon caviar or tiny, crunchy tobiko (flying-fish roe) onto each serving. Prep and Cook Time: about 20 minutes.

  • Chocolate Honey Cake for Rosh Hashana

    This Rosh Hashana Chocolate Honey Cake recipe was originally found in a book "A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking" by Marcy Goldman, which came out in 1998.

  • Kosher Smoked Salmon Dip

    Smoked Salmon Dip - everything you love about a smoked salmon bagel is all wrapped up neat and tidy in this dip. Only 10 minutes to cook!

  • Grilled Gourmet Sausages with Vegetables

    The best gourmet sausages from Marky's on Labor Day Special Offers page - 10% off coupon: LABOR

    The key to perfectly cooked gourmet sausages on the grill is to start them in a moist bath of flavorful toppings, slow cooking them to infuse them with flavor and get an even cook, then finishing them off over the hot side to crisp and char them.

  • Pasta with truffles

    Genuine Italian recipe

    Why truffle gained such popularity among gourmets? Maybe someone will tell you that due to the status of expensive goods. We believe that the truffle is deservedly considered the "black pearl" of cooking thanks to the bright and heady scent, the ability to make a fantastically appetizing habitual concoction.
    Today we offer you to join the cult of "capricious prince of France" and prepare haute cuisine dish in your kitchen.