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    European cuisine review

    Have you ever wondered what the difference of European cuisine from the culinary traditions of other nations? After all, in fact European cuisine is a collective term, as Europe is inhabited by many nations, each of which has its own cultural heritage and taste preferences. In addition, different climatic conditions are formed in each of the countries a unique set of products produced by agriculture.

    But there are commonalities among the national dishes of European states, be it France, Spain or Croatia. Let's take a closer look.

  • Porcini, Sausage, & Black Truffle Pizza

    There is nothing as decadent as a traditional comfort food classic like pizza morphed into a gourmet meal. Just with the addition of a few simple but tasty ingredients you can create a new family favorite and turn normal pizza night into a 4 star meal. Buon Appetito! Yield: Makes 4 Personal Sized Pizzas Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 35 mins

  • Risotto with Peas & Porcini Mushrooms


    Very delicious and simple to make risotto recipe with peas and porcini mushrooms.