• Pumpkin Lovers’ Menu

    Cheer up! It is October 2016, and again Halloween is coming with all its mysteries and magic. Noiseless, they will creep into our homes. The goldish glow of jack-o’-lanterns will light our rooms, and the cool October air will bring the delectable smell of a home-baked pumpkin pie.

    Indeed, today it is completely impossible to imagine this fall holiday without its, probably, the brightest and most symbolic attribute. Pumpkins of all sizes and diverse colors are known to successfully serve both as quite a multifaceted festive home decoration and a multifunctional cooking ingredient.

    So let us see how this wonderful fruit has appeared in Halloween traditional celebrations.

  • Very scary menu: top 5 terribly delicious recipes for Halloween

    Imagine that there are bloodied body parts, various worms, spiders, skeletons and other horrors appear on your table instead of the usual dinner dishes. What you will feel, if at the bottom of the glass suddenly appears someone's eye? "I will not eat it!"- you probably say.