crème fraîche

  • We all love Thanksgiving Day for the appetizing meal and an abundance of traditional dishes. Every year we celebrate this holiday, eating turkey, buttery mashed potatoes and green bean casserole before finishing with the pumpkin pie. Marky's offers you add a diversity to the menu and cook something traditionally delicious but definitely unusual. We have collected for you few fresh ideas for a celebratory banquet.

  • Makes approx. 8 (4″ cakes)


    8 oz. package of smoked salmon
    8 oz. container of creme fraiche or sour cream
    1 oz container of caviar
    or an 8 oz jar or homemade apple sauce

  • This decadent dish of roasted potatoes with caviar is made special with the addition of  two types of caviar. Along with creme fraiche and fresh rosemary this recipe takes a normal potato and elevates it to gourmet status. This makes an excellent addition to your next dinner party menu.

  • All these garnishes (caviar and dill-flecked crème fraîch) are wonderfully decadent together; still, you can leave out the smoked salmon or the caviar.