• Kosher Food for the Rosh Hashanah Celebration

    The holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is coming and bringing families and friends together for the solemn and homey celebration.

    Rosh Hashanah falls on the first two days of Tishrei, the first month of the Jewish civil year. In 2019 these days on the Hebrew calendar correspond with September 29, September 30, and October 1 on the Gregorian calendar. According to the Jewish tradition, the celebration will start at sunset of September 29, the Rosh Hashanah Eve, and last till nightfall of October 1.

  • Valentine's Day ideas and recipes: no rush and bustle

    You can easily avoid the rush on Valentine's Day and surprise your beloved with a special surprises throughout this romantic day. It's not only the restaurant dinner, by the way, which can also be done by yourself, but also the whole day full of love and care. You can start it with delicious breakfast in bed for you soulmate, than create some extraordinary appetizers, spend your evening with romantic homemade dinner and finish it with festive dessert.

    Marky's gourmet blog has prepared some Valentine's Day ideas and recipes for you and your sweetheart. Enjoy!

  • The complete caviar guide by Marky's

    How to choose caviar

    How to choose caviar accordingly to the occasion

    What associations do you have about the caviar? It is a luxury, gourmet food and beautiful surroundings. For many centuries this legendary product remains a leading place at the holiday table. The wide range of royal delicacy allows you to choose a right product for each event in your life: for a wedding banquet, a party with friends or a dinner with business partners. The presence of spawn at the feast will emphasize your excellent taste, will impress guests and will create an unforgettable atmosphere for any event.

  • Perfect smoked salmon appetizer

    The classic hors d’oeuvres of smoked salmon topped with caviar and crème fraîche often travels via potato latke, galette, or sliced fingerling. So why not a potato skin? These briny bites are fancy enough for a dinner party yet humble enough for a casual get-together. For brunch, fill them with scrambled eggs first, then top with the goodies.

  • Host A Caviar Flight Party

    Caviar Flight Party

    What is more decadent and indulgent than champagne and caviar? Nothing, that is what. For your next party pull out all the stops and really impress your guests with a caviar flight party. Marky's makes it simple with the addition of our new Caviar Tasting Flight Gift Set. This set comes with three of our top selling, best tasting caviar, along with an informative pamphlet with tasting notes and pairing suggestions. The set also includes two mother of peal spoons, hand-made blinis and some creme fraiche.

  • Latkes with salmon, crème fraîche and caviar

    Makes approx. 8 (4″ cakes)


    8 oz. package of smoked salmon
    8 oz. container of creme fraiche or sour cream
    1 oz container of caviar
    or an 8 oz jar or homemade apple sauce

  • Quail eggs with caviar


    12 quail eggs
    1 baguette, cut into 24 slices
    8 ounces Bowfin black caviar

  • Roasted Potatoes with Caviar


    This decadent dish of roasted potatoes with caviar is made special with the addition of  two types of caviar. Along with creme fraiche and fresh rosemary this recipe takes a normal potato and elevates it to gourmet status. This makes an excellent addition to your next dinner party menu.

  • Salmon Stuffed Eggs Recipe topped w/ Caviar

    Smoked Salmon Stuffed Eggs with Caviar

    This addition to our blog features a Salmon Stuffed eggs recipe topped with caviar. This fancied-up version of the classic party staple deviled eggs is sure to increase the yum factor at your next gathering. Just a dollop of caviar on the top of these eggs creates a new and exciting dish that will quickly become your most requested party dish.   Combining the egg yolks with unique ingredients such as smoked salmon and dill develops a new taste profile for a classic dish and elevate it to elegant finger food. We've tried this and we loved it, we hope that you will too!

  • Twice-Cooked Potatoes with Caviar

    caviar potatoes

    A very elegant way to serve potatoes for that special dinner. This will certainly dazzle your guests! This is also an excellent way to introduce good-quality fresh caviar to friends and family that have never tasted it before.

  • Potato Pancakes with Caviar

    potato pancakes with caviar

    All these garnishes (caviar and dill-flecked crème fraîch) are wonderfully decadent together; still, you can leave out the smoked salmon or the caviar.

  • Lobster Mousse Puff Pastry Bouchees

    caviar lobster puff pastry

    Lobster Mousse Puff Pastry Bouchees is a pescatarian recipe with 2 servings.

  • Caviar Guide - Get the inside scoop on these elegant caviars that won't break the bank

    Caviar Guide

    Get the inside scoop on these elegant caviars that won't break the bank

    By Gregory Dal Piaz
    Published: Desember 22, 2012