Spanish cheese

White Balsamic Glaze 16.94 oz.
Balsamic Sherry Glaze 16.94 oz.
Spanish Sherry Vinegar D.O.P. 67.76 oz.
$5.12 $14.39
Balsamic Modena Glaze 16.94 oz.
Balsamic Orange Glaze 16.94 oz.
Spain as a mostly agricultural country has a long history of artisan cheese making. With nearly 400 artisan cheese sorts, 13 of which are DOP protected, it seems most of the old villages and definitely each region has its specialty that is unique and is predefined by the sort of milk, the climate, the richness of the grazing lands and even the microbiology of the region. The Spanish cheese ('queso' in Spanish) are made of cow's milk, goat or sheep milk or a mixture of different sorts of milk that is predominant in each specific region. The most popular are the tangy Manchego cheese, smoked Idiazabal cheese, hard Zamorano cheese of sheep's milk, ripened Mahon cheese of cow's milk, and, of course, the famous Spanish goat cheese Cana de Cabra. The cheese is very popular in Spain itself — Spanish eat it every day as Tapas (small one bite appetizers), baked in different dishes of national cuisine or straight on cheese plates alongside with world famous hamon. Here at Marky's Gourmet Shop we give you a great selection of best Spanish queso cheese for you to experience the spirit of great Spain!
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