Italian Balsamico, aged 10 years 8.5 oz.

Balsamico 10 Invecchiato, Product of Modena, Italy - 8.5 oz/250 ml by Vill’ Antica, Italy.

Balsamico is the ideal condiment for fresh and steamed vegetables, on boiled meats, to prepare sauces and to put finishing touches on meats, fish, or desserts. For cooked foods, Balsamico is added just before the end of cooking. For hot foods, uniformly season with premium balsamico on the garnished dish. For desserts, marry it to a sauce or sprinkle a few drops on parsimoniously.

Product Features

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SKU 090245
Packaging Bottle
Storage Type Cool & Dry
Acidity 6.05%
Density 1.250 (v/v)
Dry Exctract ~50/60 (g/L)
Total Sugars 570 (g/L)

Italian Balsamico, aged 10 years 8.5 oz.

# 090245 by Vill'Antica
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8.5 oz # 090245 In Stock

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