Truffles & Mushrooms Guide by Marky’s

French Périgord is an area, known to the whole world. Although this land have witnessed important historical events, but none of the valiant conquests have brought to it worldwide fame. A symbol of the region is considered to be Black Perigord Truffle, or Truffe du Périgord noir. Such definitions as “black diamonds”, or "capricious Prince", which are routinely awarded by Frenchmen, with all the beauty and emotion hardly can give a true picture about the subject of national pride. And Frenchmen get lots of the reasons to be proud of!

Aromatic composition of Perigord truffle is truly versatile: the smell of earth, nuts and mature cheese harmoniously combined in one product. Due to the diversity of fragrance black truffle is equally good with veal as well as with chocolate.

Due to the distinct characteristics of the product as rich flavor and long aftertaste, black truffle is used solely as a supplement to the main dish. Cut mushroom as thin as possible, or, as experts say, shave with a special shovel immediately before serving. Put it on top of a warm meal, and it will immediately begin to exude a strong fragrance.

In this section you will find the popular delicacy in whole form and truffle juice.

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