Asian Truffles and Mushrooms

King of mushroom kingdom in Europe certainly is a truffle. It was considered as a delicacy in ancient Greece and Rome: chopped truffles mixed with lentils, barley and peas served as garnish to important public personages. It is remarkable that in those days the main growing region of truffles were not the land of modern France or Italy but Mesopotamia, that is the present territory of Iraq.

It originated in Asia the first tradition of truffle digging at the roots of deciduous trees, and use it as an additive to food or dry it and take as a remedy for recuperation.

History of Asian mushrooms is not so well known in the Western world, but no less interesting and rich in discoveries. Shiitake, hutoku, muer - in each Asian country you can find its own favorite mushrooms, about many of which we have not even heard of. Meanwhile, in China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea, and other Asian countries mushrooms are perhaps the most beloved and important ingredients of daily traditional cuisine.

Harvested mushrooms are kept fresh not for long, but in the dry condition - a virtually unlimited amount of time. Therefore, in China mushrooms are dried and that is how to be exported: shiitakes are successfully applied by cooks in Chinese restaurants around the world. It is believed that dried mushrooms from Asia improve digestion and appetite, so they often served as an appetizer, generously bathed in sauce.

Marky's advises you to discover the world of Asian mushrooms and taste gourmet Asian Winter Black Truffle, presented in this section, along with dried mushrooms from Asia.

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