Truffles & Mushrooms Guide by Marky’s

In the Middle Ages Piedmontese truffle was considered a very valuable item in every royal court. Contemplation of the truffle was a palace entertainment that foreign ambassadors and guests staying in Turin, have been invited to witness. Gathering these fungi did not disdain even the kings of Italian: monarchs Vittorio Amedeo II and Carlo Emanuele III took part in the regular hunt for a summer white truffle.

These mushrooms are also looked for in autumn and winter. You can eat this delicacy raw, rubbing it on a grater and adding to various dishes. Grated white truffles are used in ravioli, salads and risotto.

Winter white truffle from Italy is a real diamond of cooking. Combinations of different products with white truffle is always spectacular. The aroma of truffles worth the truffle cost that is given to them at the auctions: roasted nuts, berries, moss, leaves and forest land - this is the gamma of flavors of truffles.

The Subtlety of Storage and Serving Up

Cooks advise to wrap each mushroom in paper or keep them in olive oil. Some connoisseurs store truffles in rice to further prepare a fragrant risotto. The mushrooms are frozen uncleaned from the ground and kept in a refrigerator or sand. Sauces are prepared of them for further addition to gastronomic masterpieces.

There are several facts and nuances of working with this product.

  • Truffles should be served freshly prepared – their aroma quickly evaporates;

  • The gastronomic delight should not be subjected to excessive heat treatment. It is enough to warm it a little in the oven, giving the fragrance the opportunity to open as much as possible;

  • If you put truffles on a warm plate, you can significantly strengthen their already intense flavor. Mushrooms are added to dishes in the last turn, so as not to lose their unique smell;

  • Rare delicacies are used as powerful aphrodisiacs from ancient times.

Some of the truffles are used for the production of various kinds of canned food. There are many types of pies, creams and sauces based on them. For example, in our store, you can buy butter, sauces, pesto with these mushrooms or even white truffles puree.

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