Truffles & Mushrooms Guide by Marky’s

The truffle is the real treasure of nature. But what is a truffle? All of them, not excluding black, are very ugly. However, the appearance is not the most valuable attribute of truffles. Due to the distinct characteristics of the product - rich flavor and long aftertaste - truffles are used solely as a supplement to the main dish.

Cut Truffle mushroom as thin as possible, or, as experts say, shave immediately before serving with the special shovel. Then spread it on a warm dish and gourmet truffles immediately begin to exude a strong fragrance.

The Italian name of the white truffle is Tartufo Bianco, and Latin - Tuber magnatum. The most famous Italian white truffles come from the town of Alba in the Piedmont region. Shape of White truffles is rounded and bumpy with yellowish-gray color outside; flash is reddish brown with white marble stains. Mushrooms have a delicate flavor and aroma with clear notes of garlic and ripe cheese.

Black truffles are called in Italian Tartufo Nero, and Latin name is Tuber melanosporum. The Perigord region in France is famous of its Winter black truffles. This species of fungi is black outside with a slight protuberance. Truffles core is black and purple riddled with light veins.

As gourmet truffles are fairly expensive product, use the case and arrange a holiday for yourself and your precise guests! Get the best quality wine from your cellar or vintage wine and taste it with cooked mushrooms in the fragrant dish. The result will surprise you.