Red Pesto & Truffles Sauce

# 180968 by Urbani
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Red Pesto & Truffles Sauce

Red Pesto & Truffles Perfect Gourmet Sauce - 6.1 oz/180 gr by Urbani, Italy.

For the first time the classical Sicilian receipt with black truffles.

Try it with macaroni or thick spaghetti

Perfect for entrees: Warm up the sauce in a pan over low temperature, spread on toasted bread and serve.

Special for Pastas: Warm up the sauce in a pan over low temperature and simply add it to your favorite pasta.

Delicious on meat or fish: Warm up the sauce in a pan over low temperature and drizzle it over your preference of boiled or grilled meat or fish.

Quantities of product recommended per portion: 1.5 oz

After opening keep refrigerated for maximum 3 days.

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SKU 180968
Packaging Tin
Storage Type Cool & Dry
Ingredients sunflower oil, tomato puree, grana padano cheese, 11% basil, 11% extra virgin olive oil, milk whey powder, vegetable fibers, dry tomato, pecorino romano cheese, summer truffle breakings (Tuber aestivum vitt) 3%, salt, pine nuts, aroma, milk proteins, citric acid E330, garlic