Truffles & Mushrooms Guide by Marky’s

For long time truffle food is considered to be the pinnacle of gastronomic chic, and was intended to bring pleasure to representatives of the rich class. After all, only first-class chef with high expenses could prepare such exquisite products like truffle cheese or gourmet sauce during the last century.

Technical progress is impetuous and now Marky's glad to present products such as best Truffle Oil and truffle butter at an affordable price. Modern technologies of production and precise logistics planning have made a revolution in the world of culinary delights. And now you have the opportunity without leaving your home to join the international community of foodies and make an order for the item in Truffle Specialties division.

If you want to know all the details about using truffles, then listen to the expert’s advices. Add truffle products to the egg dishes: omelets, whipped eggs, souffle. The combination of truffles with poultry and lobsters is also welcome. Pick a wine, that would be appropriate for moment and dish: truffles combine well with white wines such as Grand Cru Burgundy, Meursault, and red ones - Cahors, Bordeaux. And remember, gourmet cooking is the embodiment of your emotions, so the gourmet dishes able to express your best feelings.