Truffles & Mushrooms Guide by Marky’s

The truffle is a royal mushroom. And the most valuable in the world of all that a man eats. Nature decreed that you can feast on fresh truffles almost all year round: the different varieties of this fungus ripen at different times of the year. However, the most striking and intense aroma have winter truffles collected in the period from November to January.

These species include white Italian truffle, the black Perigord, Burgundy and others.

The cost of truffles collected in winter somewhat higher than the same of summer (see our summer truffle category). After all, at this time truffle auctions are open and everybody can participate in the rates and buy truffles just harvested by hunters.

Winter is a fruitful season, which means that not all of the mushrooms collected in the winter are used fresh. Some of them are processed to make storage and transportation the more convenient. The tradition says, truffles are stored the best in the valuable olive oil. Truffle oil, which is obtained as a result, is very fragrant and can significantly improve the taste of the finished product.

In addition, the truffle has kept by stirring with cream butter. Marky’s is pleased to present a broad product line of winter truffle butter.

The history of cooking also created many recipes of truffle sauce, which you can try out by placing your order here.