Truffles & Mushrooms Guide by Marky’s

A French culinary tradition for many centuries has actively used mushrooms in its recipes. Petite and like nothing on earth taste of mushrooms can be combined with hot and cold dishes, as a main ingredient of dishes and for flavoring sauces and gravies.

The most famous French mushroom is the truffle, which collected in the forests of Périgord is a true "black pearl". However, it is firmly established in the high French culinary only in the 16th century, after the reign of the Italian Marie de Medici, who brought to the French royal court her chefs and truffle dishes.

Now French truffle food is very popular and includes products obtained from French Summer Black Truffles and French Winter Black Truffles. Many people, who have tried the French truffle butter, note that its flavor can significantly improve the taste of fried food.

Every year, the forests of the Garonne delight local residents with magnificent crop of white porcini mushrooms, champignons, chanterelles, gourmet morel mushrooms and hundreds of other species of fungus. Such wide range gave a rise to many ways of preparation and keeping of mushrooms. Marky's presents to you a line of French mushrooms, as a standard of good taste and high quality.