Truffles & Mushrooms Guide by Marky’s

Italian White Truffles have to thank for their worldwide popularity to the merchant Giacomo Morra, which has opened in Piedmont the home of the Italian truffle - delicatessen shop in 1930. With his light hand there was imprinted a tradition of weekly farmer's markets in Alba, where the ball is ruled by the truffle.

Also the city is famous for the annual autumn international fair dedicated to the date of fresh truffles harvested. Here everybody can buy any gourmet gifts, whether Italian black truffle, flavored Truffle Oil from Italy, Italian truffle specialties. And admirers from all over the world come to choose the gifts of the forest and feast on the freshest fragrant ones.

Fresh mushrooms are kept less than a week at a temperature of 3 to 6 degrees, and after thermal processing are cooking to sauces and pastes, stored for much longer time. But frozen truffles are not advised, as the during freezing they lose all their properties and flavors, the same happens in salting.

Fresh truffles thoroughly washed without removing the peel, cut into thin slices or rubbed on a special grater and eaten raw with pasta, omelettes and other dishes.

Now to enjoy truffles, you haven’t make a long trip to Italy. Marky's has prepared for you the most exquisite delicacies based on Italian truffles in this section.