Black Truffle

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There are hundreds of varieties of truffles, but the most popular are the Winter black truffles from Italy, France and Asia.

As always, the country of origin is a determining factor of pricing and does influence truffles price. But Marky’s is offering you a collection of affordable gourmet treats, which will be delivered to you in one day. Find your best delicacy and your best black truffle price!

Black truffles grow in the ground near the oaks and birches. With black-and-brown skin, these mushrooms have a red-brown color of flesh inside. Truffles are distinguished with a strong, persistent, original and a very distinct aroma and slightly nutty flavor. Believe it or not, this flavor also adds to the cost of truffles. Yet, such correlation is understandable if we learn more about how truffles are harvested and stored.