Les Parisiennes: Morello Cherries in Brandy 37 oz / 1050 gr

A jar of brandied cherries definitely should be on your shopping list if you’re going to make a special dessert for a family occasion or interesting cocktails for an adult party. 

Morello Cherry in Kirsch Brandy - fruits in liquor - 37 oz/1050 gr, by Les Parisiennes, France. The fruits are washed, stalked, sorted and put into alcohol on the place where they are croped. After preservation and storage in their juice of maceration, the cherries are pitted and soaked in an alcoholic and sweeted juice with kirsch and cherry alcohol.

But why morello cherries and what is kirsch?

The morello cherry is a species of sour cherries. It prefers colder temperatures and well-drained soils. The tartness and juiciness of the fruits make the morello cherry a perfect base for a drink. So, that’s why we have kirsch.

Kirsch, kirsch brandy, or kirschwasser is a type of liquor, distilled from morello cherries and even their stones. Kirschwasser is believed to be a traditional beverage of Germany. Literally, the name means “cherry water.”

Kirsch tastes delicately pungent but has no trace of sweetness, unlike other fruit brandies. Besides, it features a high content of alcohol – 40-50% ABV. So, if you buy kirsch-soaked cherries to decorate a cake or sorbet, you’d better not serve it to kids and future moms. 

Product Information

    • Pitted cherries soaked in kirsch brandy
    • Gluten free
    • Vegan
    • Contains sugar
    • Doesn’t contain nuts, egg product, dairy, or shellfish 

How to Store “Kirsch-ed” Cherries?

The shelf life of jarred cherries in kirsch is up to one year. But after you open them, make sure you use them all for gorgeous toppings and unforgettable beverages within one week. And keep the jar in the fridge. Buy brandied morello cherries from Les Parisiennes today and create sumptuous desserts or elegant cocktails. Let them be the secret ingredient in your culinary masterpieces, leaving everyone guessing and craving more.

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Les Parisiennes: Morello Cherries in Brandy 37 oz / 1050 gr

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