French Almond Macarons

French Almong Macarons, Variety Parisian Macarons - 6 pieces, 12 pieces, or 72 pieces, by Pata Choux, France.

The macaron is a notorious, meringue-based confection that has been appreciated throughout the world for its light, airy texture and delicate taste. This small delicacy is round shape, with a crunchy shell and chewy inside. The cookie shells of the macaron are prepared with almond flour, sugar and egg whites prior to sandwiching a tasty filling such as buttercream or jam. Enjoy this confection with tea and notice how these cloud-like cookies melt in your mouth.


  • The 6 pack includes 1 Vanilla, 1 Pistachio, 1 Coffee, 1 Raspberry, 1 Lemon, and 1 Chocolate Macarons.
  • The 12 pack includes 2 Vanilla, 2 Pistachio, 2 Coffee, 2 Raspberry, 2 Lemon, and 2 Chocolate Macarons.
  • The 72 pack includes 12 Vanilla, 12 Pistachio, 12 Coffee, 12 Raspberry, 12 Lemon, and 12 Chocolate Macarons.

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Due to its large quantity, the 72 pack of macarons is previously frozen. For 72 piece macarons, remove the macarons from their packaging before thawing. Leave them to defrost for 5 hours at 32 F–39.2 F. Best before date after thawing: 24 hours at 39.2 F. Do not refreeze the thawed product.

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Quantity in stock Available for sale
Packaging Vinyl Pack
Preparation Previously Frozen
Shipping Product is perishable and will be shipped via Overnight shipping
Flavor Vanilla, Pistachio, Coffee, Raspberry, Lemon, Chocolate
Net weight 25.39 oz / 720 g

French Almond Macarons — 72 pieces

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