Sturgeon Aquafarms LLC (Bascom, Florida) provides a unique facility for breeding five species of sturgeon, including the endangered beluga, and for making exquisite sturgeon caviar. For years the company has successfully supplied fresh frozen fish and top-notch caviar to the Marky’s store.

So, what makes Sturgeon Aquafarms distinguished and trusted by the USFWS (United States Fish and Wildlife Service)? 

Quick Facts About Sturgeon Aquafarms

    • Sitting on 120 acres and featuring more than 100 tanks, it’s one of the largest aquafarms in the world.

    • Here, five species of sturgeon are bred: Kaluga, Osetra, Sevruga, Sterlet, and Beluga. The latter is officially acknowledged as the critically endangered fish.

    • After the ban on imports of and trade in beluga products in 2005, the company has remained the only legal purveyor of frozen beluga and beluga caviar in the country.

    • The aquafarm also provides part of fertilized fish eggs for recovery of the beluga population in the Caspian Sea.

The Story of Success

Mark Zaslavsky, the founder and owner of Sturgeon Aquafarms and the Marky’s store, started with imports of caviar from Russia to the United States. However, overfishing and poaching were gradually leading to a decimation of the wild sturgeon population in the Caspian Sea. Zaslavsky realized that couldn’t help impacting the supply of wild caviar from Russia.

So, he decided to recreate the natural habitat of sturgeon in the United States to legally farm the precious fishes and harvest caviar. In 2001, with the help of biologists and his partners, Zaslavsky founded Sturgeon Aquafarms, one of the largest and most successful aquafarms in the world. 

In 2003 and 2004, Zaslavsky managed to bring broodstock of different generations of sturgeon from the Caspian Sea to his aquafarm in Florida. And that was a very timely act. In 2005, the United States banned imports of beluga due to a rapid decrease in the population of this fish in the wild.

Having fulfilled all conditions, Sturgeon Aquafarms were finally granted an exemption to farm and harvest beluga caviar. Until today, this is the only company in the country that has such permission and supplies the delicacy to the U.S. market legally.

Fish Care and Maintenance

The current facility was built in Bascom, Florida, in 2009. The natural environment in Florida and the location of the aquafarm atop the Floridian aquifer allow to emulate the native habitat of sturgeon. 

The tanks are filled with fresh drinking water supplied along with a steady flow of oxygen. The fishes are fed three times a day with natural feed, free of antibiotics and hormones.

A 10-year-old sturgeon can give eggs that are used either for reproduction or for making caviar. The eggs used for reproduction are removed from a living fish by splitting.

For caviar, the eggs are separated from the fish’s egg sac by rubbing it over a metal grate. The collected eggs are mixed with salt and put into tins or jars. 

Gourmet Offerings on the Market

At the Marky’s online gourmet store, you’ll find a wide variety of delicacies right from Sturgeon Aquafarms.

    • Whole frozen Sevruga, Sterlet, and Beluga. The meat of these fish is a rare delicacy. And it’s available at Marky’s all year round.

    • The exquisite collection of sturgeon caviars: Beluga caviar, Kaluga caviar, Sevruga caviar, and Sterlet caviar. Enjoy!