Salmon & Seafood Guide by Marky’s

In the world of culinary art there is always a place for bright experiments. The most unpredictable combinations of ingredients and their smells, flavors, and textures are warmly welcome unless, of course, they appear to be too alien to you. Still the diversity of cooking traditions and techniques, as well as their interaction, make it absolutely possible to replace even the crucial, basic elements of different dishes, and find very successful substitutions for them.

Some courageous chefs found out that as long as various types of both meat and fish were largely favored for their natural qualities and considered nourishing staples, it would be great to create something extremely delectable by interchanging them.

This is how they came up with outstanding ideas of your favorite smoked salmon meals, so delicious that you can hardly tear yourself away from them. Now we are going to have a quick look at the most popular salmon treats, so that once again you could see for yourself how versatile this wonderful gift of the Nature is.

Smoked Salmon Mousse

The French word “mousse” means “foam” in English and clearly characterizes the consistency of this food. Its bulk is actually a mixture of whipped eggs whites and whipped cream, with gelatin infused to help stick it together. Depending on the proportion of these basic ingredients and preparation methods, the textures of different mousses may vary from airy and very light to much creamier and thicker.

Despite the fact that the very first possible mousse add-ins which usually come to our minds are chocolate, caramel, berries and fruit, we should not forget that the culinary universe has no or almost no limit. Succulent smoked salmon can also be a perfect flavoring for this classic French treat, turning it from a traditional dessert into an exquisite appetizer. Seasoned with lemon, herbs or spices, it just cannot leave you cold.

Smoked Salmon Pâté

Original pâté (pronounced “pa-tay”) comes from French cuisine as well. Unlike mousse, this food is heavier, and it is more often associated with meat or fish as the basic ingredients. Although all around the world its most popular variety is foie gras, made with ground or chopped goose or duck liver, there is no doubt that salmon pâté will also take a worthy place on your festive menu.

Pâté is quite a multifunctional dish. It is firm enough, so you can easily cut it and serve separately. At the same time pâté is very smooth, so smearing it on a crunchy slice of bread will be a real pleasure.

Tips for Serving Smoked Salmon Spread

After you buy salmon mousse, let your fantasy and appetite run the show.

  • Use it as a ubiquitous smoked salmon spread to add some piquant zest to your morning toasts, or lunch bagels, or holiday dinner baguettes.
  • Sumptuous vegetable starters or canapés topped with a dainty dollop of the mousse will set the nice and cozy tone for your warm family celebration and best friends party.