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What Should We Know about White Albacore Tuna?

It is supposed that the common name “albacore” was given to this species by the Portuguese in the late 16th century. The word “albacora” probably came from the Arabic language meaning “premature”. Whatever the origins are, today this fish is also known as bonito, pigfish or longfin. The last name fits especially well, because albacore tuna can be easily distinguished by their long pectoral fins. These fins partly benefit to the fish’s ability to develop impressive swimming speed of more than 40 miles per hour. The fact is that moving at such high speeds is vital for albacores to regulate their normal breathing process.

There still remains a question why this tuna species is also characterized as white. Naturally, raw albacore’s flesh has a pleasant pink-white color. By the way, in the world of gastronomy this fish is nicknamed as the chicken of the sea. Although it is obvious that the color of the fish changes during the cooking process, in the Unites States only albacore carries the label “white meat tuna”. The other species are usually marketed as “light tuna”.

Delectable Albacore: Canned Tuna Delicacy

As well as the other tuna species, longfins are big and strong sea creatures, capable of migrating very long distances across the oceans. Specialists observe how the fish schools move in order to define the best spot and time not only for commercial, but also for sport fishing. Depending on the size and weight of the fish, whole albacore price may vary reaching incredible sums.

On the other hand, canned albacore tuna is a much more affordable but not less exquisite product. Generally, there are two main canned versions: solid and chunk white albacore. The only significant difference between them is the size of the pieces every hand-selected albacore tuna fillet is cut into by skillful processors. Solid variety usually implies larger and firmer cuts, while to make chunk white version, loins are chopped into smaller pieces.

An albacore tuna can appears to be a rich source of healthy nutrients. It invariably includes proteins along with omega-3 fatty acids, and provides different minerals and essential vitamins, such as vitamin D, vitamin B-12, niacin and selenium.

So, what we offer here is prime canned tuna from the Bay of Biscay, produced according to the traditional canning techniques. It will delight you with its smooth and delicately flaky texture, mild flavor and clean taste with a tender relish of high quality olive oil.

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Some Ideas for Cooking with Albacore Tuna Canned

  • Pair it with your favorite greens to build sumptuous sandwiches or burgers for lunch.
  • Add some cheese and grill them to get nice melts.
  • Experiment by putting it into all kinds of salads, pastas and casseroles.