Squid Ink

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Squid Ink

Cuttlefish (Squid) Ink - Sepia Pharaonis - 0.14 oz/4 gr each x 4 pcs, 0.56 oz/16 gr total, Spain.

Cuttlefish Ink comes from the dark ink released by cephalopods including cuttlefish and squid as a defense mechanism. This interesting ink is used to color and flavor a variety of foods—including pasta, rice, risotto, paella, and seafood dishes. The taste is savory, umami-like, and slightly salty. To use, dilute the ink and add it to the cooked dish. 1 gr of cuttlefish ink would be needed to accompany a food serving size of 100 gr.

Maintain at room temperature. Minimum order of 5 (4 pcs x 5 = 20 packs total). Sugar free, gluten free.

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SKU 060208
Packaging Nylon Bag
Storage Type Cool & Dry
Ingredients squid ink, water and salt