Salmon & Seafood Guide by Marky’s

Norwegian Aquaculture and Smoked Salmon

As the name suggests, aquaculture means breeding and harvesting fresh and sea water plants and animals in order to produce different types of food and other commercial products for mass consumption.

Today Norway with its well-developed aquaculture industry is considered one of the largest exporters of seafood, as well as the most successful exporter of salmon all around the world. The Norwegian salmon with all its gastronomic variations has taken the leading position in the country’s fish farming and total food exports. Norwegian farmed salmon is widely known for meeting the highest international standards and for its premium quality provided by the producers following the strict technical and sanitary requirements. In a few recent years the Norwegian salmon prices have slightly gone up due to the increasing consumer demand and some new regulations set to control the farming process. Nevertheless, once again it proves that Norway pays much attention to the quality of its products favored by the whole world.

Originally Smoked Norwegian Salmon

In Norway salmon and other seafoods were the local people’s staple diet for many centuries. In order to preserve the fish, coastal dwellers cured it in salt or smoked it over smoldering wood chippings, mostly using juniper wood. Obviously, in making smoked salmon Norwegian Vikings attained a very high technical and consumption level as it is still highly valued among many people from different parts of our planet. Doctors, nutritionists and dieticians emphasize the health benefits of smoked salmon defined by the good nutrients it contains. Among them there are different minerals and vitamins, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, claimed to contribute to the normal functioning of our nerves and brain cells.

Indeed, for Norway smoked salmon is the matter of pride and the masterpiece of gastronomy. The fish flesh is usually peach-pink with thin white streaks of fat. It will surprise you with the silkiness of its texture, and subtleness of its rich and somewhat salty flavor. The smoked salmon from Norway is absolutely splendid when sliced and put on a bagel slathered with crème fraiche, or simply served with some crackers and cheese on a platter as an appetizer.

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