Salmon & Seafood Guide by Marky’s

The magnificent underwater world of seas and oceans is fabulously rich in various types of healthy and delicious food which has been generously given to us since the dawn of time. While we are familiar with certain species of fish or shellfish quite well, still there are some edible seaweeds that we can hardly imagine as a part of our daily menus. Nevertheless, their fresh sea flavors and high content of beneficial nutrients provide them with wonderful gastronomic versatility. Indeed, you can find them in a wide range of recipes for different soups, snacks and salads, though professional chefs claim that the possibilities to use seaweeds in cooking are literally endless. So, what about trying something new, fresh and exotic which will please both your palate and immune system? Let us stop at a seaweed salad.

Sea Weed Salad: Origins, Ingredients & Benefits

The culinary tradition of using edible seaweeds not only as a seasoning, but also as a base for a dish comes from East and Southeast Asia. For many centuries seaweeds cooked in different ways were a simple but very healthy staple, especially for coastal dwellers of Japan and China, as well as those of Indonesian and Malaysian islands. Actually, at that time the question about where to buy seaweeds did not bother the locals, as the ocean could give them even more than enough. So, this original seaweed treat became, probably, the most popular dish made with these marine plants.

Among the most widely known edible types of seaweeds or algae there are kombu, nori, wakame, hijiki and some more. Cut and seasoned with fragrant spices and vinegars, each of them could be turned into a real delicacy served only for the rich and noble. Today traditional flavor combinations are still favored by many connoisseurs. For instance, wakame or hijiki seaweeds can be perfectly paired with sesame seeds and sesame oil, mushrooms, vinegar or soy sauce, and many other ingredients.

Besides their harmonious piquancy and tanginess, seaweeds are also highly valued for their medical benefits. There is no wonder that ancient doctors used them to make drugs. Edible seaweeds are lavish fountains of calcium and iron, as well as vitamin A, C and K. However, even in terms of such inoffensive creatures as seaweeds, you should pay attention to their amount in your diet in order not to exceed the recommended quotas of nutrients contained in them.

Exotic Salad Made with Natural Seaweed: Where to Buy & How to Serve

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Provided that now you know where to buy seaweed salad of high quality, here we offer a few interesting serving tips for you to choose your best gastronomic combination of different products and their flavors right after you buy seaweed salad:

  • Serve it with brown rice or your favorite noodle.
  • Add it as a garnish to your fish dishes.
  • For the dinner at which the main role is given to seaweed buy a bottle of light white wine. Muscadet and Sauvignon Blanc are recommended.