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Octopus Salad, 800 gr

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Octopus Salad, 800 gr description:

Octopus Salad by Kiele is made according to the old Spanish recipe. It has a great beneficial value because of less quantity of calories and the bigger amount of protein. Octopus Salad is low in fat so you do not need to worry about your waist. It is elegant and good for health.

Some say that if you claim you do not like something about some food, this means you have never tasted it cooked properly, or you just do not know how it should be cooked. Let us stick to this point of view for some time and try to think about something uncommon and, maybe, too exotic for our traditional menus. At Marky’s we have found out that octopus is one of such quite extraordinary pieces of seafood, which may be considered a rather unpalatable meal due to its peculiar texture. On the other hand, we also know for sure how favored it is in Mediterranean and East Asian cuisines. That is why we have decided to debunk some culinary stereotypes about octopi with a beautiful treat from the sunny coasts of Spain.

So, here and now we are glad to offer you a really gourmet opportunity to buy octopus salad or ensalada de pulpo, made with the freshest ingredients according to the original Spanish recipe.

What Makes the Mediterranean Octopus Salad That Sumptuous?

As well as any other science or art, cookery has its own rules and laws. The good thing about them is that they all are quite simple, and they do work. One of these rules states that when you need to make something hard and chewy softer and smoother, cook it slower for longer period of time in a bigger amount of liquid. In order to deal with octopi, which tend to possess rather rubbery body textures, in the best possible way, Spanish chefs slowly simmer them in water with olive oil, spices and even wine before further grilling or baking, for example. Cooked octopus is a very delicate and meaty thing, with that nice oceanic tang in its flavor.

Mixed with cooked mussels or shrimps, fresh or pickled vegetables, octopus turns into a tasty and nutritious element of an elegant light salad. Olive oil and a pinch of red pepper are added as splendid flavorful condiments to complete this culinary masterpiece.

What Is Octopus & Why It Deserves a Place In Your Diet?

Globally, there are about 300 octopi species. All of them prefer warm and shallow ocean waters with high acidity which provides their ability to circulate sufficient amount of oxygen. The peculiarities of their nervous system make them, probably, the most intelligent invertebrate creatures. Octopi are well known for their capacity for learning in controlled environments, developed logic and reasoning. In ancient times the octopus was a notable character of myths and legends in different parts of the world, but still it was highly valued for its exceptional natural qualities. It appears to be a healthy food, packed with proteins, iron, niacin and vitamin B-12. This is why octopus salads and other dishes with cooked or canned octopus will be a good choice for those who do care about maintaining a balanced diet and getting fit.

So Where Can I Buy Octopus Salad?

Being aware of its gastronomic versatility and wishing to surprise your nearest and dearest, you will certainly think about where to buy octopus salad. So here at Marky’s we have carefully selected this wonderful Spanish specialty for you to be sure that you buy octopus online from a reliable manufacturer which guarantees you the highest quality of the product.

A Few Serving Tips of Octopus Salad

  • It is recommended to serve octopus salads at room temperature.
  • For the dinner or party featuring a salad with octopus buy your favorite white or sparkling wine. Either of them will make a nice company.

Sugar Free. Gluten Free. Do not contain nuts. Do not contain egg products. Contain shellfish. Do not contain dairy. Non kosher. Non vegan. Non organic.

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Ingredients: Octopus cooked, vegetable oils (sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil), cooked mussels, pickled vegetables (onions, pickles, green olives), red pepper, acidity regulator (E330).
Origin: Spain
Manufacturer: Kiele
Brand: Kiele


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